What does the Bible say about body piercings and tattoos?

If you are wondering "What does the Bible say about body piercings and tattoos?", the answer is that the Bible does not say anything specific about body piercings and tattoos. 

While Leviticus 19:28 mentions not cutting your body or putting tattoos on it, it is contextual and specific to a particular situation. 

The New Testament does not mention anything about piercings or tattoos, so it ultimately comes down to personal choice. 

Although ear piercings are common and acceptable for women to wear jewelry in all cultures, other forms of body piercings and tattoos require careful consideration. 

If you are considering getting a tattoo or piercing, ask yourself why you need it, as it is a permanent change in your body. 

It is essential to avoid using Bible verses to justify or make you feel guilty about your views on tattoos and body piercings. 

Instead, use common sense and consider the long-term effects on your body. You may ask ‘What about Christian tattoos?’ 

Remember that there are many ways to demonstrate your faith as a Christian, so think carefully before deciding to get a tattoo or piercing.

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