How Many Chapters Are in the Book of Nahum?

There are three chapters in the Book of Nahum. Nahum's message is concentrated on the impending downfall of the Assyrian city of Nineveh. 

This city, once spared due to its repentance in the days of Jonah, had returned to wickedness and was now poised for divine judgment.

A Summary of the Three Chapters in the Book of Nahum

The content of the Book of Nahum can be summarized as follows: 

God's Wrath and Might (chapter 1): Nahum opens with a powerful description of God's character. The Lord is depicted as both patient and avenging, controlling the elements and ensuring that justice is executed. While the chapter proclaims doom for Nineveh, it also offers comfort and assurance to Judah that their oppressors will be punished. 

The Fall of Nineveh (chapter 2): This chapter offers a vivid portrayal of the siege and capture of the city. Using dynamic and colorful imagery, Nahum describes the advance of the invaders, the panic within the city, and the resulting desolation. 

Reasons for Nineveh's Downfall (chapter 3): Nahum elaborates on why Nineveh faces such a grim fate. Their incessant wickedness, deceit, plundering, and ruthless violence have incurred God's wrath. The city, once a predator in the world scene, is shown to be incapable of standing against God's judgment.

Conclusion: The Three Chapters in the Book of Nahum

Throughout its 3 chapters, the Book of Nahum underscores the theme of divine justice. Nineveh, which once stood as a formidable power, would face retribution for its evils. 

The fall of such a great city serves as a sobering reminder of the fate awaiting any nation that opposes God's ways. 

Nahum emphasizes the unwavering righteousness of God. He does not turn a blind eye to cruelty and oppression, and even the mightiest of empires cannot stand when they defy His principles. 

Amid such declarations of judgment, there's also a message of hope for the faithful, a reassurance that God is a refuge for those who trust in Him.


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