How Many Chapters Are in the Book of 2 John?

There is just one chapter in the Book of 2 John. This brief yet profound epistle is written by the Apostle John and is addressed to "the chosen lady and her children," which some scholars interpret as a specific woman and her family, while others view it as a symbolic reference to a local church and its members. 

Regardless of the specific recipient, the core message of the letter is unmistakable: to walk in truth and love.

A Summary of the Single Chapter in the Book of 2 John

Here is a brief look at the content of 2 John: 

Walking in Truth and Love: Throughout this chapter, John emphasizes the significance of walking in love, which he defines as living according to God's commands. He commends the recipients for their faithfulness to the truth and exhorts them to continue in it. 

Warning Against Deceivers: A central concern for John in this letter is the presence of deceivers who deny the incarnation of Jesus Christ. He warns the recipients not to receive or even greet such individuals, emphasizing that to do so is to share in their wicked work. 

Anticipation of a Personal Visit: John concludes the letter by expressing his hope to visit the recipients soon, preferring face-to-face communication over written correspondence. This reflects his deep pastoral concern and affection for them.

Conclusion: The Single Chapter in the Book of 2 John

While 2 John might be brief in its length, it is mighty in its message. In this single chapter, John encapsulates the essence of Christian living: truth and love. 

He underscores the importance of abiding in the teachings of Christ and guarding against false doctrines. 

The epistle serves as a timeless reminder to all believers of the importance of discerning truth, demonstrating love, and diligently preserving the core tenets of the Christian faith.


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